Sunday, January 24, 2010

He's Home!

I don't have a stamping share today, but thought I'd share this picture with you in honor of TC's homecoming. This is taken in front of one of Suddam's palaces in Kuwait. His journey started last January when he had a month long training in Florida. He was back in Wisconsin in February (he deployed with the Wisconsin National Guard) and then left at the end of February for Fort Bliss in Texas. He spent the next three months there and at the end of April, I went down there and spent four days with him before he left for overseas. He was in Kuwait for a couple of weeks and then in Iraq until the beginning of this month. Two more weeks were spend in Kuwait until he arrived back in Wisconsin last Sunday morning. After a week of debriefing, he was released on Friday and we spend the weekend in the Wisconsin Dells and will be driving back today, just in time to watch the Vikings play.


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