Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top Note Matchbox Tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial for the top note matchbox posted here. While everyone else is enjoying convention, you can have some fun of your own. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will post more step-by-step pictures when I get home. This is my first tutorial, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


8 ½ x 5 ½ thin chip board (cereal box, cardboard from DSP, etc)
8 ½ x 11 DSP
12 x 12 cardstock
Sticky Strip
Big Shot
Top Note Die
Matchbox Die
Oval punch
2 ½ x 4 transparency sheet
2 jumbo eyelets
6” wide ribbon

1. Cover both sides of the chip board with the DSP and cut out two Top Note Dies. These will be the top and bottom of the box.
2. Cut out two matchboxes and two sleeves using the cardstock. Assemble the box as instructed.
3. Adhere the middle section of the two sleeves together. Make sure the score lines line up for the rest of the sleeve and the shorter tabs are on the same end.
4. From the shorter end of the tabs, punch the oval out of the two sleeves. Slide the paper all the way in and center (this ensures the holes are in approximately the same place on both sleeves). This will be used as a template in step five to determine where to punch the ovals in the top note.
5. Center the two holes on the back side of one of the top notes and mark the holes with a pencil. This ensures the holes will match up when assembled. Take the oval punch and punch the two ovals out of the top note. Note: Other shapes can be used, but not all with punch through the chip board, so a test might want to be performed beforehand. No responsibility is taken for damaged punches.
6. Finish assembling the two sleeves, using sticky strip to adhere them.
7. Attach the transparency sheet to the bottom of the top note with the holes.
8. Line up the ovals on the tope note and the sleeves and adhere with sticky strip. Please the tape on the sleeves rather than the top note to ensure the adhesive is only where the two meet.
9. Adhere the bottom of the top note to the bottom of the sleeve, again using sticky strip on the sleeve.
10. Using the Crop-a-Dile, set the two jumbo eyelets in the matchboxes.
11. Thread 3” of the ribbon through the eyelet and tie in a knot inside the box. This will be the pull for the drawer. Repeat on the other drawer.
12. Decorate as desired.

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Luv 2 Cre8 With U said...

I love this box. Thanks for taking the time to share the tutorial.