Monday, August 17, 2009

Stampin' From Our Hearts

Here are some pictures from the event I helped with on August 9, as promised.

This was at the packing table where the creators could insert a piece of paper explaining the card was handmade by blank, and the creator could put their name in the blank. These three girls decided to put their names on every card that wasn't already claimed by someone else (which turned out to be quite a few as lots of the Girls Scouts assemblied in assembly lines).

Here is the sign that I created using some of the pictures and letters received from the troops that have previously received cards from Stampin' From Our Hearts. I used the cricut cartridge Base Camp to cut out the letters.

Finally, here is a picture of a couple of the troop leaders and Girl Scouts representing all the ages that participated with Laurie (the other demo helping with the event) and the 1143 cards that were created in under 2 hours!!

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Tracy said...

Wow! looks like you had a great turnout! Let me know next time you do this, I'd love to help. :)