Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Unofficial!

I have a blog photographer! This weekend Laurie Lenertz has become the unofficial photographer for my blog. If you haven't noticed, we have been stamping a lot together lately and she's very good at taking pictures and actually uploading them to the computer. It's the uploading to the computer that prevents me from uploading them to my blog. So I've solved that problem, just have her email me the pictures that she takes of the samples that I make and then I can upload them. This weekend we were at a scrapbooking/stamping retreat and I unofficially dubbed her as my blog's photographer. And you can thank her for these two pictures of me modelling a tutu that one of the other women at the retreat made.


Anonymous said...

Tutu Tina was a fabulous model!! Gail suggested the name and I think it fits perfectly. Anyone else have any comments??
(the "unofficial" one)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the modeling show. I had a really fun wknd and it was great to meet you. Hope to see you again at another fun filled retreat. I'll put it on my "list" to bring a list for you.